Posted by: DJ Ocean | May 4, 2010

Zen Living: Take What You Need – Leave the Rest

I have learned in life that everyone has something to teach and everyone is a student. Anyone who tells you otherwise is blind to the fact that life presents you with opportunities to learn at every corner.

An unwise soul is someone that acts out of ego thinking they know everything there is to know or that their way is better than that of others.

A key to living a zen life in a pop-culture world that is filled with information overload is to be open to every lesson presented to you at any given time, regardless of the often strange and bizarre ways they are taught.

We learn from every interaction if we are willing to pay attention to the lessons taught by the spirits that come into our lives. If an idea, concept, lesson or person resonates with you, apply and cultivate what you have learned in your life so you that you can achieve true happiness.

If something  or someone is of no value to you or it goes against your Tao, discard it (or them) immediately as it will just bring you misery over the long run. Trust your instincts. You will know when someone or something is acting in accordance with universal laws. Make sure to avoid any teacher that tells you his or her way is the “only” or “right” way. They are wrong.


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