Posted by: DJ Ocean | May 6, 2010

House Rock Mix: The Stars Have Aligned

It is with great pleasure that I bring you my debut mix created especially for the re-launch of DJ Ocean’s World.

Appropriately the first live mix I am posting features what has become now become my trademark style.

As a DJ, it is crucial that you formulate a style of your own so that you stand out from the crowd. Through constant practice and an intense desire to do something few others are doing, I have trained myself to spin my own genre called “House Rock.”

The first types of music I fell in love with were classic and alternative rock. These two genres are the foundation of my musical pyramid, so it makes sense that my fascination with some of the greatest songs of all time would eventually manifest itself through my DJing. Every time I heard a track fusing these styles with dance music I lost my mind and I myself a promise when I first decided to buy my turntables that I would learn to master this style of mash-ups.

House Rock is a tribute to artists like Z-Trip and Girl Talk because they showed me that my dreams of creating this kind of style could become a reality. It is also a tribute to all of my friends that appreciate the classics. I’ve always wanted to find a way to turn on people who don’t traditionally listen to club music and I think I’ve finally done it.

In the end, House Rock is the evolution of styles from a number of genres that challenges musical classification and sonic boundaries at every turn. As I learned from my musical hero @DJJazzyJeff215, you have to do more than just stand there and mix. You have to take the listener on a journey and deliver them to the love that is found in the musical promised-land.

This is my attempt to be different. I hope you like it. Welcome to DJ Ocean’s World.

The Stars Have Aligned

DJ Ocean

May 2010

Track Listing:

1. This group is far from trash. This song is a tribute to my first introduction to club life at the now-defunct hot-spot in Philly called The Bank.

2. This psychedelic jam is an all-time classic and it will blow your mind. Remember that nothing is real and there is nothing to get hung about.

3. A sick tribal track.

4. This was a good year. I was 5.

5. One of rock’s most controversial figures. Prepare to blast off into space.

6. Same as number five. This version dates back to when I got to interview the remixer who told me that the song artist wouldn’t allow him to release this remix. Enjoy this rarity, because not many people have ever heard this version of this classic as there were only less than a 100 white labels made.

7. Escape to the dark continent.

8. Go as fast as you can.

9. Freight Train Rolling

10. Bam a lam bitches.

11. One of the most difficult tracks to find on the planet. I have always dreamed of this mix and when I traded a couple of songs in exchange I nearly had a musical orgasm.

12. All we are is just another piece of the wall.

13. Everything comes to an end sometime.

14. We all need to relax a little.

15. These peppers are too hot for me.

16. I have seen this group live twice.  They are hands-down the best live act of my lifetime.


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