Posted by: DJ Ocean | May 7, 2010

DJ Ocean Loves His Medicine

Since it is Friday, it is time to celebrate all of the hard work I have been doing while launching several companies, this web site and my DJ career. I’m grateful to the universe for providing me with at least one day to relax for a brief moment and catch my breath before my six-day work week starts all over again tomorrow.

So let’s start the weekend off with a bang (and a cloud of smoke). If know me (and now if you don’t), you know that I am a proud medicinal cannabis user. I am completely legal to partake and I am fully registered in the great state of Nevada to use my medicine.

I am able to do this because for the last 17 years I have suffered from an undiagnosable condition that literally had me throwing up every day and suffering from horrible pain on a daily basis. As a bonus, due to the side effects of my condition I have developed a bone condition that causes bones to pop out left and right causing serious pain and my inability to do a lot of physical acts like carrying out the cat litter due to the fact I may pop something out or worse, fracture/break something.

I was a medicinal user the moment I first got sick (and obviously prior to that) and it is the only thing that has made life bearable (other than the love I receive from my friends and family). Up until three months ago, I was being prescribed high levels of pain killers to help cope with the pain that comes with recurring pancreatitis. After learning I was allergic to eight of the foods the doctors had told me I should be eating, I also learned that the pain killers helped shut down different parts of my digestive system, causing the serious pain that put me in the hospital on nine different occasions.

Fortunately, I have learned to cope with my situation and I do my best to never let it keep me from achieving my goals. My medicine helps me deal with the pain by enabling me to function and live a somewhat normal life. Unlike all of the other pain killer treatments prescribed by doctors that didn’t know what they were talking about, medicinal cannabis doesn’t make me sick or cost a ton of money for a few pills and it helps me to eat/digest food that I would otherwise be sacrificing to the Porcelain god.

Several summers ago @taopauly (Dr. Pauly), a poker industry expert and a fellow 420 fan that happens to be one of my closest friends (and arguably the best writer I know) offered to bet me 18-1 (his $18,000 to my $1,000) that I couldn’t go without my medicine for a month straight. I realized he was right after about five seconds when he referenced several top poker players to provide a metaphor for my habit and his reasoning behind his logic for making the wager.

“Come on brother. You are the king of cannabis smoking. I mean, I’m good. I’m like Erik Seidel, I’ve won eight WSOP bracelets and I’m a ridiculous opponent, but you, you are a poker-playing uber-alien from another planet that crushes everyone that gets in his way,” said Pauly.

Some may think this is nothing to be proud of and for a while I spent a lot of time wondering whether or not Pauly’s statement was a good thing or a bad thing. After several years of contemplation, I finally came up with an answer. In reality, I don’t care what others think because we all have to live our own lives and I’m couldn’t be happier living mine. I don’t push my medicine on others and I do everything legally, so to that end, I get along with everyone because I respect those that partake and those that don’t equally.

Like my favorite comedian @IAmKattWilliams (Katt Williams) says, medicinal cannabis is for people doing their best to survive tough circumstances or as Williams refers to them “People on the grind” for whom life is almost unbearable despite the fact that they are good souls stuck in shitty situations. In my opinion, if ingesting some medicinal love helps you deal with the tough times then I firmly believe you should get legal and start partaking today. If you can’t understand these concepts, then you will never understand me as a person or as a spirit.

Let me make something very clear, although I partake on a regular basis, I have no illusion that my medicine is the only solution to my problems. It is merely a tool in an arsenal of tactics to treat my symptoms. I also use homeopathic and chiropractic treatments, proper diet, exercise and meditation to help whenever I get the chance. In other words, medicinal treatment is a great way to deal with painful symptoms but it is not the answer to long-term conditions and anyone who thinks that it is the solution to all of their problems is directly impeding their recovery. With this said, I believe it is crucial for everyone to partake responsibly so that you can life a pain-free life.

When it comes down to my personal politics, I am a medicinal advocate and against any laws that keep medicine out of the hands of sick people, but I believe in promoting responsible use, not teenagers getting high or people driving under the influence of their medicine because that’s how accidents and 85% of all cannabis arrests occur.

Any other attitude towards medicinal cannabis stops compassionate care for those living with pain and promotes the people that have been capitalizing on the fact that this form of medicine has been illegal for so long and I’m against that at all costs.

For all of those people that say that people who partake are just lazy stoners, I laugh at you. Almost every one of my friends that partakes is a brilliant mind with creativity that most people could never dream of capturing and they do this while constantly on medication. As for me, I have a successful career as a journalist, I run four companies and I give back to charity every time I can. What do you do?

By the way, as I was writing this post I was taking long, slow pulls from my Zephyr Ion vaporizer and enjoying myself thoroughly as my words effortlessly spilled onto the page. If you have to partake, I highly recommend this device as it cuts down on the toxic carcinogens that come when you burn your medicine and this is important if you want to be as healthy as possible.

Remember folks, its always 420 somewhere. Do yourself a favor, download the “Stars Have Aligned” mix (the link is below this so you have no excuse for not downloading it), sit back, get Irie and let me blow your mind. Have a wonderful weekend party people. See you on Monday.

The Stars Have Aligned


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