Posted by: DJ Ocean | May 12, 2010

Ego Check

I admit I do not know everything. I admit that everyone sees things differently in life. I admit that all people have their own experiences and views on how life is and the way things should be. I admit that I should not care what others think.

I admit that I try not to act or speak out of ego, but I am not perfect. I admit that there are people out there that know more than me. I admit that I as much of as student as I am a teacher. I admit that the way I see things is not necessarily the way others see them. I admit that others are entitled to their opinions and I should be able to take constructive criticism without taking it personally.

With that being said, I do my best to write posts about the way I see things. This will not please everyone and there are plenty of haters out there that will take every opportunity they get to bring down a person who is trying to be creative (and honest).

I write on DJ Ocean’s World simply to entertain my readers, pass on a little knowledge and help myself cope with all of the thoughts racing in my head. In doing this, I willingly subject myself to the comments of others that might not understand who I am or where I am coming from, but the reality is that I’m not really writing for them. I’m writing to be creative and help those who can find any piece of useful information from my posts that might help them live a better life.

In other words, I’m trying to give back, but the people that leave negative comments don’t seem to get that. For those that hate and have negative things to say, I suggest you spend your time doing something constructive instead of wasting time hating on me. I’m all for constructive criticism but I will never understand the stupidity attacking someone because of their thoughts. My hope is that these people will eventually find something meaningful enough so that they can let go of their anger and move on.

My family and friends have always told me that if you don’t have something nice to say about someone keep your fucking mouth shut. This life lesson has served me well as I try to listen to what others say instead of applying my own warped perspective on how things should be. Hopefully most of my readers believe in this philosophy, but for those that don’t, your time is better spent doing other things than throwing your hate or malcontent at me.

If you don’t like something I post, do what Bruce Lee would do and take what you need and leave the rest. If you you still don’t see any value in what I write, then don’t waste your time coming to the site. There are definitely better things you can do with your time then sit and bitch about one man’s thoughts that you find on the Internet.


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