Posted by: DJ Ocean | May 12, 2010

Trimming the Fat

Having found out several months ago that I am allergic to eight foods including traditional staples like Gluten, sugar, dairy, chocolate and corn, my diet changed dramatically once I learned that these foods were making me sick on a daily basis. Since stopping my intake of these foods, I have dropped over 20 pounds and I’m in the best shape of my life despite not being able to do athletic stuff (except for stretching) due to the side-effects of 17 years of health issues. Although I am skinny, I am far from the stage that a yogi from India has achieved.

According to a recent report, Prahlad Jani is an 83-year-old spiritualist that claims he has spent the last seven decades without eating or drinking water. His ability to survive without essential nutrients has scientists baffled and his techniques have intrigued the Indian military who are looking to find ways so that soldiers or people that are stranded can find ways to survive without the rations many would need to survive.

During a two-week period, military doctors and a team of 30 medics equipped with cameras and closed circuit TVs observed Jani but they couldn’t find an answer for how he is still alive. Apparently the only contact this guy had with fluids is when he took a shower or gargled. According to Jani, he achieved this feat by following his routine of yoga and meditation. Military scientists have come up with a theory that suggests Jani gleans nutrients to survive from other resources like the sun.

Regardless of how he does it, Jani proves that all of the extras we add to our diet are unnecessary and often do us more harm than good. Having also recently gone on my life-long fast, I am now aware that many of the foods I thought were necessary are not and life has gotten better since I literally trimmed the fat. My only intake is things that my body needs to perform so I get what Jani is talking about.

Although I’m not going to give up food and drinks (I’m addicted to sugarless flavored drinks like Sobe LifeWater), I understand that the body doesn’t need much to function properly and I have learned that all of the extras I use to pile on were unnecessary and leading to an early death. Do yourself a favor. Cut out the extras. You don’t have to be a Indian mystic or a sick person to follow this rule. It’s not as bad as you think and you’ll feel a lot healthier.

Photo courtesy of Nice hand sir!


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