Posted by: DJ Ocean | May 13, 2010

Phish on Jimmy Fallon Tonight

I can’t wait to see the guys rock Jimmy Fallon when they cover a tune or two from the Exile on Main Street album by the Rolling Stones. According to a recent Rolling Stone interview, Trey isn’t sure why the band has previously only covered Loving Cup.

“I don’t know. I used to play this record at every party — and there were a lot of them. [laughs] This was the go-to record. I had two go-to records for 10, 15 years. One was my morning wake-up or cooking-in-the-afternoon record — Django Reinhardt. But as soon as it got dark and people came over, it was Exile on Main Street,” said Anastasio in the interview.

When asked about other Halloween-albums that have been covered by Phish like The Who and the Beatles, Anastasio claims he associates himself with the songs from this album more than any of the other material they’ve previously performed on Halloween. “I feel like I embody so many of those lyrics now. We started playing “Loving Cup” on a whim. But now it feels like our song when we play it. The lines are so right-on. “I feel so humble with you tonight” — I can get behind that.”

I wonder what song they are going to play tonight.


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