DJ Ocean Mix Disclaimer

All mixes made for DJ Ocean’s World are provided free-of-charge and are for promotional use only. They are not to be redistributed or sold for any price. DJ Ocean does not endorse music piracy or the control of  the music industry by corporate entities or radio station programmers that play music because is reaches their target demographics (people that spend money on advertiser’s products). This is why all mixes are free.

Mixes are not for rebroadcast without express consent of DJ Ocean, but feel free to listen to them as much as you want. Let me make this clear one last time: I DO NOT MAKE ANY MONEY FROM THESE MIXES and I consider it an honor to be able to spin the tracks I do. All songs used are strictly for entertainment purposes and they help promote featured artists so don’t hate on me and try to sue me because I have no money and you’ll just be wasting your time trying to take money from someone who is simply trying to spread the love of music to others. Did I mention I do it for free?

With that being said, I will not be able to list some tracks and artists from certain mixes due to the music police. I will however use nicknames wherever possible with the hope that you can pick up on some of the sick artists that await you with every mix. Many of these tracks are “White Labels” that have not been released and all were attained legally and paid for at the time of purchase.

All art that comes when DJ Ocean mixes different songs together to create new songs is owned and copyrighted by DJ Ocean. Feel free to make copies and turn your friends on, but if you are a group using my mix to make money like a radio station or you are a DJ that drops another DJ’s set in the middle of theirs, you are violating the law and karma will pay you back big time.

Give credit where credit is due. That is all I ask from my listeners and by downloading these live mixes you agree to a contract that stipulates you will not sell these mixes for money or any other kind of material item. In other words, feel free to spread the love, but don’t violate the law by trying to make money off of my blood sweat and tears.


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