Posted by: DJ Ocean | May 20, 2010

Oil Spill Fighter Kevin Costner is the Man

The idiots at BP are considering using machinery invented by Kevin Costner and his brother for their company Ocean Therapy Solutions. Apparently Costner sunk over $40 million into technology designed to remove oil from ocean water after spills like the one in down south because he felt the need to use the wealth he was “lucky” to accumulate instead of “piling it” for no real purpose.

According to Costner, “We all make decisions about what we want to be a part of. I’m just one person focusing on a specific problem and throwing a little resources to a lot of talent and manpower … to come up with what is a [solution],” he said in a recent interview with WWL-TV in New Orleans.

I wish more celebrities and uber-wealthy people felt this way. The world would be a better place if they did. I have high hopes these machines might help the sticky situation and it would be great to see Costner calling out all companies that don’t implement this kind of technology should it work. I hope for the sake of the animals, people and waterways that are affected by this horrible situation, Costner’s inventions work and they save the day. Lord knows the people at BP have their thumbs so far up their ass that they need the help in a desperate way and maybe Costner’s devices will do the trick.

Nice hand Mr. Costner


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